Y Not? – A short story

The last few months of the millennium weren’t exactly a lucrative time to be a real estate agent. At least, not for me. Too many of my meager commissions ended up going to bar tabs and cab rides. Dave, my best friend and longtime drinking buddy, had his own unique way of putting things into […]

The Gauntlet

Originally published as I Never Imagined Taking My Son to School the First Time Would Be So Brutal – Fatherly.com 10/15/18 My son and I stared down the long linoleum hallway at the horde of kids and parents rushing around in confusion. It was pandemonium: children crying, grownups stressing, and teachers’ assistants literally running around […]

Super Dad?

(Originally published on New Orleans Moms Blog – 7/24/18) “Hey, Super Dad!” A construction worker clapped and hollered in my direction as if The Lion King was wrapping up at the Saenger. For a moment, I was confused. Me? Super Dad? I guess if I saw a man carting around a toddler in a stroller with an infant in a […]

Yelling At Your Kids: Still a viable option?

Recent studies show that yelling at children can have traumatic effects on their development and often leads to aggressive behavior later in life. However, there is overwhelming evidence that yelling can also be an effective tool for silencing an insolent child. So how does a parent keep command and still avoid those pitfalls? Dr. Barbara […]