My Kids Call Me Dadam.


I never thought I would end up in New Orleans, get married to a foxy chick, and raise two lovable scamps, but I did and it’s great. Writing is what I do, besides changing poopy diapers or puréeing sweet potatoes and broccoli. Without my family, I would never have all this fantastic material. I mean . . . inspiration.

Right now, I’m working on my second book as well as blogging on the reg. What about my first book, you ask? Don’t ask.

Anyway, the one that I hope to let someone read someday is about a young working stiff named Aaron Arvin. He’s struggled for years in an invisible corporate job, with a loose plan to achieve the stereotypical corner office and all the prestige that it brings, but is it really what he wants? After drifting through the low level ranks of the office, Aaron uncovers a mind-blowing secret that has him questioning everything about life in corporate America.

So what will become of our late blooming hero? Will he continue to cash that paycheck or take a risk and find out who really controls the destiny of Mr. Aaron Arvin – Strategic Source Analyst? Well, we all know it’s probably not the former. That would be a boring book.

I’ll be posting my progress as well as updates on other projects. Check out my blog for stuff about being a stay-at-home dad and how super easy it is!

Keep it weird.


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