Adam was born in the suburbs of Washington, DC. The son of an FBI agent, he moved around as a kid, even living overseas in Paris, France. His youthful years were devoted to punk rock music: performing and recording as much as possible.

After graduating college with a liberal arts degree in 2002, he packed up his ‘89 Volvo station wagon with his record collection and comic books and parked it in front of a friend’s house. There it would rest while he put his degree to use touring the country playing guitar with a band.

A few years later, he pursued a culinary career in some of the most reputable kitchens in Washington, DC, Arlington, Virginia, and Columbus, Ohio. His foray into the foodie world predictably lasted until an inevitable burnout, then was followed up with a decision just as perplexing: going to law school.

Working at the Ohio State University Dental School scheduling appointments during the day and studying one-hundred-year-old property dispute cases at night, he met his future wife. Ultimately, they settled in New Orleans where she owns a successful pediatric dental practice and where he practiced for a few thankless years until finally coming to his senses.

Adam has written for multiple online publications satirizing the world of parenting or over-analyzing the fictional goings-on of superheroes. Gary and the Tooth Fairy is his first children’s book.