Gary and the Tooth Fairy (Hardcover)


Gary’s a gator with an eager sweet tooth. When the Tooth Fairy comes to collect, she discovers some unwanted guests have taken hold of young Gary’s chompers: Sugar Bugs!



Gary the gator lives down the bayou and feasts on marshmallows, king cake, pralines, and all sorts of Louisiana treats. He washes down his sugary snacks with sweet drinks and juices. When he loses a tooth, as young gators do, he tucks it under his pillow and dreams of a visit from the tooth fairy. What a surprise when a magical visitor wakes him with bad news. His tooth is harboring some nasty guests—bacteria! Join Gary the gator and the tooth fairy as they learn about the foods that will keep your smile happy, how to properly brush your pearly whites, flossing tips, and more. The little fairy then escorts Gary on his first trip to the dentist. Now Gary—and young readers—will know how to keep their chompers sparkly clean so the tooth fairy will retrieve healthy, cavity-free teeth from beneath the pillow. This richly illustrated, bright, and cheerful tale introduces young readers to dental health, tooth-friendly foods, and the dentist’s office in a fun way.